Honey harvest from our Apiaries in Switzerland – قطاف وفرز العسل من مناحلنا في سويسرا


The extractor is clean, the Honeycombs are here and we’re all set for the 2016 HoneyHarvest. Nature was kind to us this year in Switzerland. The winter was mild and the season was excellent. On average we had for the first flush 16 Kgs of honey from the Honey Super, that is a good deal. The bees are still going strong and we might get a second flush end of July.


Note that the honeycombs from the Honey Supers are fully capped, this means the honey is ripe and the water content is below 18%. The bees will only seal the honey with pure beeswax once its mature and ripe for wintering. The capping will keep it clean and protect it.


Before we can extract the honey in the extractor, we first need to remove the wax capping, here we chose to do this with a special uncapping fork from our supplies. Alternatively, you can use a special knife or specialized automated machines.


once the combs are uncapped, we move them to the extractor


We chose a compact 3 frames extractor from LegaItaly, it’s a combination of extractor, filter and ripener in one, only 40 cms diameter so its easy to handle and store afterwards… of course it’s made of the best food grade stainlesssteel 18/10. I can only recommend it for #urbanbeekeeping.

Here we see the results after centrifuging the first side we have to turn the combs to extract the second side. Be careful with the speed, start slowly, turn and then at the end go fast… otherwise u break the combs.


After letting the honey settle for 2 weeks in the ripener, the air bubbles will float on top and the honey is ready for filling.


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عسل يزبك انتاج 2016 متوفر الان، اطلبه وتمتع كل صباح.